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Gameplay teaser for Warcry challenges, showing small parts of 3 different levels !

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Our team is pleased to show you our gameplay reveal of Warcry Challenges, it's just a teaser for now, but more are coming !

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About Warcry:Challenges

To sum it up, Warcry: Challenges is an improbable mashup between Doom, Trackmania and Super Meat Boy: You need to bunny hop your way to the finish line in intense levels filled with demons, crazy jumps and traps.

It's brutal, it's fun and you've got powers suchs as slow motion, stomp (air to ground dash on your enemies face), grappling hook or the devastating Shockwave, a power similar to "the force push" in star wars - with a twist: it will shred demons into pieces!

Of course, you will be able to pull some stylish moves such as 360°, backflips and front flips.

Warcry Challenge is single player as well as async multiplayer, as you will be able to compete against the ghosts of your friends.

Find more at Warcryfps.com

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