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Hello again and welcome back! This time, we're presenting you two brand new factions: the techy ZTS (main sponsorship of the UNPF) and the LSS, a PMC made by our new entry: RaptorGod.

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Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Hamburg, Germany, EU
CEO: Wolfgang Herder
Employed: +120,000

Zeitgeist Technology Solutions is the leading industrial group in the high-technology sector in Europe and one of the main global players in aerospace, defense and security, but it's also one of the most controversial. Initally focused towards the "eco building" buisness, it became the main contractor of the ESA in 2015 building many innovative radar stations and providing the avionics for the "Programme for Reusable In-orbit Demonstrator in Europe". This endeavour made the profits to skyrocket, assuring profitables contracts with the Eurofighter GmbH and with the Eurocorps. This joint venture led to one of the greatest innovation of the century: a neural interface used to enhance pilot awareness in aerial engagements. Then the Second Civil War broke out and while both EU and the UN were silently watching the war unfolds before their eyes, the ZTS managed to gain control of the Peacekeeping Forces becoming the main supplier and sponsor of the "Operation: Land of the Free". Now, with the most important branch of the UN under their control and with a technological adavntage on the two sides, the ZTS is ready to expand their market in North America, secretly whishing to assure themselves exclusive and lucrative contracts.


Aside from an exclusive private army, they command and supply the United Nation Peacekeeping Forces, an army comprised of EUFOR-NA and REF (Russian Expeditionary Force). This means that the russians too benefits from the "fly-by-opto" (FBO) system, something that the European Council highly criticized. The UNPF has an impressive array of high-tech equipment such as stealth VTOL gunships, exosuits, polymer frame weapons and even "laser-tanks" armed with a resized version of the THEL, but the most dangerous are surely their extremely advanced fighter jets like the EF-2000 II and the MiG-33SS. Their main enemy in the region is the LSS since the american government doesn't want to risk an open war with the Euro-Russian contingent, so it relies on mercenaries to harrass the UNPF's operations.

LSS Poster


Founded: 2005

Headquarters: Denver, Colorado

CEO: Alexander Lawrence

Employed: +70,000

Lawrence Security Services (Also known as Lawrence Services) is a PMC company based in Denver that started with a goal of becoming number one in the private military business. Although after several failed bids and a disastrous first impression in Somalia in 2006, the CEO of LSS decided to pull all remaining stock into a new business practice in late 2010 called the "Symbiotic Venture" where LSS will assist in funding and testing new and experimental weapons and vehicles for companies in exchange for after every successful test run will be able to operate the fully developed weapon/vehicle. With this new pact agreement in place Lawrence Services was given a chance by Northrup Grumman in early 2011 to help fund and be the first to test the X-47B UCAS-D in active combat in 2017 with major success. By 2023 Lawrence Security Services had grown to what it had set its mind out to be; the worlds largest and wealthiest PMC with enough wealth, connections and resources that it can afford several brigades of tanks and AFV, several dozen helicopters, almost 100 aircraft squadrons and a small fleet of Hunter-Killer submarines.


Unlike service branches operated by various militarizes, Lawrence Security Services works underneath a division system where there are no commanding officers for each branch as the Divisions answer strait to the CEO of LSS. As of now there are four divisions operated by Lawrence Services; Armed Ground Division, Armed Air Division, Anti-Vessel Division and Satellite Operations Division; with each operating in a specific niche of modern combat with several units operating together (Ex. AGD's 29th Armored Brigade "Death Kissers" and AAD's infamous 95th Tatical Fighter Squadron "Raptors")

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