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Another Lore entry by Agentaaa, today he talks about the Vulcan Cannon

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the GDI guard tower system was a simple but effective weapon in the first war, cutting through infantry divisions via the use of mounted machine guns, but the tower had several design flaws inherent in the older design - The computerized system used for firing the machine guns didn't require the traditional tower design that was enforced regardless on the design choice, and the vulnerable "legs" of the tower presented an excellent target for anti-structure weaponry that left the tower vulnerable. Combined with the recent invention and use of Vulcan technology, the Vulcan Cannon is an experimental step-up from the original tech, using a structured "Tower" design that allows the weapon to absorb more punishment and have less structural hard-points easily targeted by enemy tanks and rocket infantry. utilizing twin Vulcan machine guns, the Vulcan cannon rips apart enemy infantry with speed and efficiency, massacring enemy infantry divisions. The Vulcan cannon is a potent anti-infantry defense, but the weapon is only moderately effective against tanks or other heavy armor, and the gun tower has no anti-air capability - for this reason, the Vulcan cannons are normally paired with the older but still serviceable and effective Advanced guard towers for the best effect.

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