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Version v0.14 of Vox fixes most of the graphical compatibility issues that users were having, as well as add some new features and updates.

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The latest download of Vox contains a lot of graphics card compatibility fixes. Such as fixing the shader routines for ATI cards, smoothing out the FPS, reducing the lag that was occurring on very high end GPUs and also improves the SSAO rendering.

Also character creation has been improved due to player feedback and you can now re-edit custom parts of a characters body, as well as rotate the characters on the 'Select Character' and 'Create Character' screens. So if you want to see the back or side profiles of characters this is now possible.

The Day/Night cycle has also been added to the playtest and players can turn this on from the in-game options menu, as well as toggle the inverted camera controls on or off.

Here is the complete release notes for version 0.14 of Vox:

Vox v0.14
New Features:

  • You can now rotate the character models in 'Select Character' and 'Create Character' screens with the right mouse button.
  • Reset defaults button on 'Create Character' screen resets the rotation of the model.
  • Dev build version and release type debug text shown at bottom of screen.
  • Add a close button to the Vox application window.
  • Open up the intial world size a bit, so people can test compatability with a larger world.
  • Add time and season text display to the HUD.
  • Add option menu toggle to turn day/night cycle on and off.


  • Add button audio to switching character buttons and also the buttons on 'select world' screen.
  • Better cloud creation, height offset.
  • Fix the bomb crash when bombs are thrown outside of the world and explode, invalid pointer.
  • Fix the memory limitations when using a large world size, re-use the vertex buffer objects, dont create new ones!
  • Put a limit on the size of the shadow texture, fix lag on HIGH-END graphics cards.

Be sure to report any bugs or issues you find with this version either in the comments, or on the IndieDB forum section for Vox.

Enjoy :)


Thanks first to release a version of your game !
I have some lag on my pc, maybe too old for new games ...
Here's my config if it can help you to solve my problem :
Microsoft XP
1.89 Ghz Dual Core
Geforce 8600 Nvidia 512 Mo
2Go de Ram

Thanks in advance !

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