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The possibilities of what will be in the map, new content plans, and special donation offers

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Hello it's Jagger and I've got some news about what is currently intended to be in Obelisk's map. New Bathe is the town that the game takes place in and it being a good sized town needs lots of content. The town will be spilt into several districts and the one I'm currently working on is the park. The park will contain fountains, landmarks, several paths, a playground, a green, and several small things you normally would find in a park. The park will be around the center of the map and will be home to the obelisk. Many different types of vegetation will be seen and will have its own local enemies. The park will also be fully traverable, which means all buildings and landscapes will be open to exploration. A new mechanic idea also came across my mind as it will be difficult to track down all pieces in a reasonable amount of time. So I will be creating Gems that when collected will show the general direction of the closest Obelisk piece. I will be adding more man made structures in December so be on the look out for that. Another thing that will be portioning to the park is that once finished it will be used as a mini Obelisk game. The mini demo will have three obelisk pieces to collect and will only be available to people who donate 5 USD at the minimum, win it in a free raffle, or are given it for showcase purposes. People who donate the 5 USD will get early access to the game, and will be receiving bonus content that I cannot tell just yet... however you will be given the beta which will be up to 4 months earlier than the full release. Finally, I would like any and all of you to comment on this post, ideas will be considered and possible put into the game.

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