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Take a tour with the creator, Rich, as he introduces you to the nostalgic world of Blockville. Explore the options available currently in the demo through Steam as well as some of the upcoming features planned to be included with the prologue and final release in this cel-shaded casual city simulation game.

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We Made a City-builder!

Take a tour with the creator, Rich, as he introduces you to Blockville, the nostalgic cel-shaded city-builder based on children's toys, but with a "South Park" twist.

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While the game is still very much in development, there is currently a playable demo with a large amount of content for people to play through while the prologue is being created, with the full release planned for sometime in 2023 on Steam.


What is Blockville?

When asked how to describe Blockville, the creator Rich says,

"We like to think of it as South Park, the city-builder, based on your childhood toys".


It looks very innocent and includes many typical city-builder management objectives like:

  • Building farms to create food, allowing the player to choose between four different food types


  • Making your citizens happy to increase the speed at which your town attracts new residents
  • All map elements are resources, creating a living world with fish, trees, flowers, etc.
  • To increase food, you can also build a dock to get fish or a beekeeper near flowers to produce honey
  • Dynamic sky box with weather, particle, and lighting effects


  • Use Imagination Points to unlock new buildings


  • Build a train system and eventually roads, to transport people around the city


The Twist

As for the future of Blockville, Rich plans to include interpersonal relationships between civilians, which can produce random conflicts and challenges for more complexity and replayability.

There will also be disasters such as riots, fires, tornados, etc. to add additional challenges to manage.


He also wants there to be lots of humor and comedy included, for example, the dinosaur attacking your town, which is currently available in the demo.


Currently in the Demo

  • 4 different types of houses
  • 6 types of resources: wood, plastic, coal, flowers, food, and power
  • Your people need to eat twice a day
  • Regime panel to control citizen behaviors
  • Tons of customization options, with many more to follow
  • Rocket monument and dino are currently available in the demo


Notes to the Community

  • Like many these past two years, the global pandemic has slowed our production.
    We apologize for the delays and are adapting to change our processes to mitigate the chance of this occurring in the future.
  • The lighting solution which has been developed in Blockville is planned to be backported in the near future to JunkPunk.
  • Likewise, the time control solution will be ported into Gunsmith in the near future.
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