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Hey everyone! Just a quick note to let you know you can grab a new alpha build. This just includes a few minor fixes and such. Big updates coming soon enough, however, so stay tuned. Grab it on the Downloads page.

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Grab the latest alpha build, v0.11. This is just a simple update with a few fixes and changes.

Alpha 01 Gameplay - Indie DB

You can get it right here:
Viscera Cleanup Detail - Alpha v0.11


- Left click whilst holding an item now releases it, as well as right click.
- Dispenser machines random gibs now have random gib mesh.
- Held bins no longer auto rotate in players hands.
- Put a new bucket on the slosh-o-matic tray and an empty bin near the what-a-load bin machine.
- Adjusted 'what-a-load' bin machine texture.
- Fix buckets getting bloody when touched by gibs not from above.
- Blood splat are no longer created inside incinerator.
- Added RuneStorm logo bik.
- Added in-built Copy and Paste functionality to edit boxes.
- Gave RSWidgetMod_InfoText support for styles.
- Added Viscera Cleanup and RuneStorm links to Main Menu.
- Added Mouse Sensitivity and Invert Mouse to options.
- Slight adjustment to janitor max age

SPAAAARTAAAA - - 42 comments

Janitor game? What....the...

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SPAAAARTAAAA - - 42 comments

Looks funny

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johnlier - - 46 comments

Very nice update. Keep it up.

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RuneStorm Author
RuneStorm - - 75 comments

Thanks ya'll :)

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baszermaszer - - 446 comments

Somebody always has to clean up! :D

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jcomega73 - - 1 comments

cleaning up a first person shooter

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nebulousflynn - - 5 comments

great way to tell a story!

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