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Viscera Cleanup Detail - The space station janitor simulator. Grab the free alpha.

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Disaster! An unknown alien menace emerged from nowhere and devastated this isolated research facility with untold horrors, but fortunately a few lone survivors battled through impossile odds and vanquished the alien threat. Unfortunately, this all left rather a terrible mess for the janitor to clean up. You are that janitor. So grab your mop and roll up your sleeves, you're on Viscera Cleanup Detail!

Alpha v0.1 screenshots Alpha v0.1 screenshots
Alpha v0.1 screenshots

Viscera Cleanup Detail is a first person sandbox game for windows PC built with the Unreal Development Kit.This game is still a very early alpha prototype. Don't expect it to be perfect or resemble a completed game at all!This version of the game was only built in 10 days in a rather intensive work process.

Grab the free alpha right here on IndieDB:

Viscera Cleanup Detail - Alpha v0.1

Craos5 - - 4 comments

Hey Team

I have downloaded the demo & i can say i find this game very unique, i have fough many battles but now i see the clean up operation from the aftermath :D, i understand that this game is VERY early in alpha at the moment but from what time i have played i can say with confidence that this would be fun as hell with Co-op or Multiplayer, 3-4 or more players maybe? depending on the clean up job, more cleaning equiptment like mop extenders for roof cleaning, a small drivable or push vacume for the large amounts of shell casings (it can jam & break & needs to be fixed if to much load is collected) or even a magnet mop, a belt that can hold cloths of a window cleaning gear, (also need to be washed after a bit of use of course) :D, but my main interest is Co-op or Mulitplayer for sure, is this in the making or a possible option?

Great job & keep it up
I look forward to your reply :D



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Guest - - 693,192 comments

cool game ;)

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Guest - - 693,192 comments

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Kuznetsovsky - - 284 comments

i love the concept xD good work!

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Ausländer - - 41 comments

Here I was reading this, thought it was great. Then suddenly TB makes a video on it. So, I saw this...before it was cool. :P

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HeyImEllis - - 35 comments

Tried the game out and recorded it for youtube. If you want to check it out you can see it at: Youtube.com

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JohnnyTheWolf - - 1,061 comments

Is it actually possible to finish the Alpha?

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hagamablabla - - 240 comments

Just another day on Space Station 13.

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Ikiosta - - 29 comments

Me and a few friends were playing this earlier, and god is it addicting.

It has one of the dumbest concepts ever (in a good way), but damn is it fun.
The game looks really good for it's kind, and seems to be really well optimized; My PC is horrible with most games and yet it doesn't struggle at all with this.
I've probably already played it 5 times since I downloaded it a few hours ago, and there's one thing that's bothering me: Is there an ending yet? I know it's still an Alpha, but I'd like to know if I'm really cleaning up everything for no reason. ^^

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Guest - - 693,192 comments

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