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What if you could use yourself as a bullet? Virus Blast is Fast paced Shooter where YOU are the bullet, try to steal as much data as you can while climbing an endless procedural generated matrix! All of this while the firewall is stepping on your toes trying to stop you! Go check out this unique shooting-platform game!

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You are the new creation of this company, a new kind of virtual menace with the task of infiltrating as much as you can into the wide web, stealing data as you go. Shoot yourself up the procedural matrix while the global antivirus will try to stop you with all kind of software.

Use the data you steal to power up and become the ultimate Virus. Invest your progress and reach higher heights every time you play!
Upgrade your cannon for more power, faster charge or minimum shooting power.
Hack the system for some power ups, backup artillery or some helpful platforms. Need some more help? What about a powerful head start? Endless amount of ammo? We got it…

But be careful… The higher you get, the harder the matrix becomes
Antivirus engaged!

S.A.V.E. has entered the fray with his unrelenting pursuer drones, digital bombs, laser wallsand the all mighty, FIREWALL (DO NOT TOUCH).


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