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In this update, users can build factories that produce gold. Use this rare mineral to upgrade your buildings!

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I recently decided to finalize the 3 main resources: Wood, Rocks, and Metal (or gold). These elements will help you create a rapidly growing economy; the more you have, the more you produce!

Here is a list of features and bug fixes I made since the last update:

+Added Upgrades to the Mine Building (Rocks)
+Added Upgrades to the Factory Building (Metal or gold)
+Added floating notification text fields
+Added a black cover to the edge of the terrain
+Added a progress bar to show the progress of the selected object
+Implemented Tree Growth
+Implemented Mine Processing (Similar to tree growth, but for rocks)
+Implemented Factory Processing
+Changed the Farm button
+Changed the Rock icon
+Changed the Metal Icon
+Changed default bitmap size from 16x16 to 16x32 for touch purposes
+Fixed a crashing error caused by an un-monitored list of objects
+Fixed an issue caused when the canvas was moved off the screen

Farming is one of the greatest features for this game. Simply select a farm-able object, and press the farm icon at the top right; your survival will then trek over to the target and collect the resources. Here is a screenshot of the survivor collecting wood from a fully grown tree:

You can plant more trees with your newly farmed wood:

When you collect enough wood and rocks from the earth, you can then start construction on a new Mine or Factory. Be sure to find an empty space!

These buildings will farm up to 5 resources for you. All you need to do is press the farm button and collect your earnings:

When you collect enough metal (the gold stuff), you can then upgrade your building. An upgraded building will perform 2x better than the original design:

I'm now entering the polishing stage. I hope to release a functioning version on the Google Play market, along with the source code within the next week or two.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you like the update!


Looking Good =)

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I wanna play it!!!!
Good luck guys,
The game looks beautiful

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doppl3r Author

I'm determined to get a feature-full version on Google Play within the next two weeks. This week will be all about testing

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Looking good!

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Looks fun! I wanna play too! Keep it going!

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