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Post news RSS Video of awesome parallax background and lighting FX. Multiplayer progress.

I've posted a video showing awesome parallax background and base/map lighting FX. Also images and info on multiplayer progress.

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I have posted a video of my latest development progress. In the video above I run through the base and and space on a little tour of the arena map. You will be able to see the new awesome parallax effect as well as the new assets and lighting effects. The look and feel is really coming together.

I have also made quite a bit of progress on multiplayer development. I have a basic working server and client which is working well. I have added a chat system allowing all connected clients to chat with each other. I have included some images showing some of the progress with multiplayer development below.

I have also designed a HUD system which supports chat and other HUD related object. It's working well and is a welcome addition. I am quickly moving toward a demo testing early multiplayer support. If you are interested in testing head on over to our discord server for more details.

Phoenix Discord.

I will be adding multiplayer weapons support next and then we should be able to start testing out actual combat and multiplayer game play. Looking forward to that. :D


Wide-screen: A server and two connected clients on my triple monitor setup.

wide clients4

Multiplayer, lighting and background

client names5

client names4

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