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Post news RSS Verson 4.6.0 released

This version focuses on making further changes to Queller's air game.

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  • Uber no longer builds the Wyrm
  • Fixed error where Uber Air MLA Commander was not properly building T1 air factories
  • Uber more likely to build Phoenix
  • Uber only builds fighters when alone if there is an air threat somewhere in the system
  • Uber will use basic radar to support T1 artillery
  • Ensure everything works as well as possible in a mixed faction shared army setup
  • Fixed overproduction of Angels
  • Fixed issue leading to little to no Kestrels at Gold and above
  • Restored air dominance Uber requires before building Kestrels
  • Uber no longer builds the Angel
  • Uber Air favours the Zeus and Loki titans
  • Gold and Platinum build less Angels
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