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This article will explain the work of the versions, and information about the second chapter. Go to the articles tab to read the whole article.

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So, many of you may wonder: "How will versions work?", "When will chapter 2 be available?", "Where to report bugs?". So I am gonna be answering these questions and explain in detail where needed.

So, Updates will simply come out when a certain amount of bugs is fixed. Every time a bunch is fixed, a new update with the fixes will be uploaded.

Well, chapter 2 will indeed take some time. I have been working on that one since October 2015, and according to my plans, they will be about the same length. So expect it being released somewhere around May, June or July. I will indeed take some time to rest now because I've been working really hard on the past days.

Where to report bugs? The answer can't be any more simple. Just drop a comment in the summary, or download page and I'll check them out everyday and respond to you, as well as try to fix the bugs.

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