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Multiple changes to Queller's orbital gameplay, especially at Uber difficulty

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  • Respond to local orbital threats from orbital factories - defend your gas giant, Queller!
  • Switch all orbital ratio threat checks to use anti-orbital
  • Don't allow orbital fighters to block all factories when responding to local threats
  • Uber tries to avoid throwing away its orbital fighters
  • Uber gives higher priority to its first gas giant factory
  • Avoid overproducing for a local orbital threat response
  • Uber uses less orbital fabbers
  • Add Uber Orbital which retains the previous Uber fabber behaviour
  • Uber doesn't produce dedicated anti-orbital as heavily from orbital factories
  • Uber uses more Bluehawks to defend against orbital
  • Fixed placement checks for Uber's ground anti-orbital defences
  • Uber uses Catapults for anti-orbital defence again
  • Uber Advanced Fabbers favour Catapults over Pelters
  • Gold and above will conduct anti-orbital operations with orbital battleships if there are no ground targets
  • Allow Catapults to be placed closer to other defences
  • Fix Gold Legion not placing Sky Bridge correctly
  • Uber uses advanced orbital fighters to respond to local threats where orbital defences may be involved
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