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Updates to improve transition to orbital and use of wasted eco

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  • Added some unit fallbacks in case the units Queller wants are disabled
  • Queller will always attempt to avoid getting stuck no matter how low its eco modifier
  • Uber builds Catapults for defence again
  • Corrected Uber slightly overbuilding advanced fabbers when floating
  • Uber builds more nukes when floating resources
  • Correctly exclude scouts from minimum platoon size count
  • Reduced minimum platoon size required for teleportation
  • Gold through Uber may go for orbital earlier
  • Uber 1v1 and Uber Rush limit their T1 orbital expansion
  • Much more willing to move troops off world when it is already winning its current battle
  • Uber correctly cost checks its orbital snipe defence build
  • Resolved some inconsistencies in how Gold and Platinum assess T1 orbital factory builds which could impact their timings
  • Gold and Platinum will always use an air scout if they have the option
  • Gold will scout with bots
  • Uber uses Dox for slightly longer
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