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Adds the new Penchant AI and increases map variability

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  • New AI called Penchant
    • Uses the Titans AI as a base
    • Each enemy has a favoured style of play which is reflected in their unit choices
    • This information is added to the enemy's personality in the intelligence panel
    • Sub Commanders are unaffected


  • Increased the amount of freedom procedural maps have in using water and lava
  • Increased the range of metal density and clusters used by procedural generation
  • AI selection moved to a drop-down
  • Removed code now present in the base game


  • Rerolls being offered for loadouts
  • Assault Commander loadout missing the Stinger
  • Titans AI not building the Stinger from the Unit Cannon
  • Setup column being too tall for the screen causing the entire page to scroll instead of just the column - with thanks to burntcustard
  • Queller Sub Commanders not scouting on small planets when only vehicles were available
  • Titans AI not building torpedo launchers
  • AI uses Stitches again
  • Upgraded Umbrellas shooting the ground on small planets
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