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There are a lot of balance changes in Legion Expansion 1.0 and so it was necessary to update how Queller played. I took the opportunity to tweak its early economy handling and fabber builds too.

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  • Moved Sparks and Monstrosities into the fast squad for land attacks
  • Fixed error causing Uber to produce Deathmarks when it shouldn't
  • Fixed errors in build condition names
  • Correctly ignore Storms when considering Miniman ratios
  • Update Uber Legion builds for Legion Expansion 1.0
  • Uber better about avoiding an early energy stall
  • Uber uses an additional early fabber
  • Reverted change to minimum distance from base required for MEX defences
  • Uber Cautious starts with more fabbers
  • Uber much more likely to build metal storage when required
  • Increased chance of defences being built by MEX at Uber level when playing as Legion
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