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Fixes a number of oversights and tidies up some of Uber's strategies

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  • Bronze Legion no longer spams OmniSilos
  • Fixed Silver building less storage than intended
  • Uber no longer builds the Meteor
  • Uber builds the Salamander again
  • Uber chooses between Salamander and Lockheed based on the AA types it has seen
  • Fixed errors in number of Uber air scouts
  • Corrected error which could cause Uber Legion to prematurely go T2 air
  • Uber Legion gives priority to air scouts over combat units
  • Uber Legion will scout with combat bots again
  • Uber only uses Scorpion if it has seen bots otherwise it favours the Deathmark
  • Uber won't build Fireflies if it doesn't need scouting intel
  • Uber MLA only triggers its anti-bot behaviour on maps with land routes to the enemy
  • Uber MLA will go T2 tanks against all bots in anticipation of advanced bots
  • Uber won't build T2 tanks in areas with no land routes to the enemy
  • Uber more flexible in where its land fabbers come from
  • Uber will build Catapults to defend against tanks
  • Uber uses Advanced Laser Defense Towers as an anti-bot weapons
  • Uber counts Advanced Laser Defense towards total base defence rather than separately
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