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Post news RSS Version 4.7.0 released

This release is about making the AI's teching and air strategies both more effective and more closely aligned with humans.

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  • Gold through Uber tech faster though Uber Rush remains unchanged
  • Uber Tech has become Uber Orbital
  • Uber Rush's one fabber preference no longer overridden
  • Uber MLA will use a limited amount of T2 air
  • Increased chance Uber Legion will use T2 air
  • Uber Cautious correctly rushes orbital on multi-planet maps
  • Every level will now use no more than one bomber group and one fighter group at a time
  • Gold through Uber always use the largest fighter or bomber platoon possible
  • Corrected error where Silver formed a bomber platoon smaller than it wanted to
  • Uber uses less air scouts
  • Uber uses less fighters to scout
  • Uber won't scout a planet with Skitters or Investigators but will still send them to scout other planets
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