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Lots of fixes, a focus on performance improvements, some tightening of Uber's game, and a big change to platoon caps

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  • Build artillery and Catapults in response to naval near the base
  • Restored Uber Tech
  • Check the right threat when assessing whether to build Catapults in response to Kaiju
  • When alone Uber limits the number of T1 factories to help the sim and focus on saving for higher tech items
  • Avoid running certain checks when alone to help performance
  • Less air factories when alone
  • Uber Legion won't try and force early air
  • Uber is a bit more willing to commit to Omegas when assaulting other worlds
  • Uber Air correctly builds T1 air when alone
  • Uber more reliably builds air second and does so in a more performance friendly way
  • Uber gives higher priority to defending its Commander from orbital snipes
  • Uber focuses on producing Spinners from its vehicle factories when alone
  • Cap on how many factories Uber will use for the production of Storms
  • Revoked change to Uber's building of Catalysts
  • Give a higher priority to assisting nuke production when alone on a planet and put more fabbers on the job
  • Uber will only send orbital reinforcements in force now rather than dribs and drabs
  • Uber gets orbital battleships off gas giants quickly
  • Uber focuses solely on clearly local orbit before committing to any other orbital military operations
  • Uber won't over-micro Levellers
  • Fixed Legion not building advanced fabbers when alone for many factories
  • The numbers of advanced fabbers Uber builds are now based on enemy layer presence
  • Uber more likely to produce Spinners as needed
  • All Uber personalities except Tank require larger land platoons before moving out
  • No upper limit on platoon sizes to better allow combining multiple forces into one
  • Uber no longer builds the GIL-E
  • Fixed scouting with fighters being broken
  • Loosened restrictions on orbital travel for lower levels a little
  • Silver willing to move more troops at a time via teleporter
  • All system-wide counts replaced with planetary ones for performance reasons
  • Platinum will tech faster
  • Uber gets tanks a little later on larger planets
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