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A number of errors have been picked up and corrected, primarily in the sub-personalities.

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  • Uber Tank will use Skitters to scout
  • Uber Bot will use Investigators to scout
  • Uber no longer fails to scout on small maps like Forge
  • Stopped non-naval Uber profiles building naval scouts they won't use
  • Corrected mistake stopping Uber Legion from using Marauders to scout more than once
  • Fixed sub-personalities using the wrong number of fabbers
  • Correct Uber Legion T2 vehicle factories not operating correctly if they never saw bots
  • Uber Bot Legion works again
  • Allow land fabbers to build torpedo launchers in naval bases
  • Uber Land will never build naval defences
  • Uber Bot can build the Miniman
  • Properly capped Investigator scout platoons
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