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Major change to the MLA's T1 game at the Uber level. Other big change is to low level orbital play.

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  • Uber MLA focuses on T1 bots rather than tanks
  • Uber MLA will use T2 bots as well as tanks
  • Uber decides between factories on a new planet based on enemy layer presence
  • Don't bring out the Spark until after teching and only in limited numbers
  • Uber will use advanced fabbers to build defences by MEX
  • Uber uses less GIL-Es to shoot down tactical missiles
  • Uber gets naval fabbers out without waiting to confirm that they can travel
  • Uber no longer gets confused and stops producing offensive land units from T2 land factories
  • Uber builds more orbital fabbers when alone
  • Uber won't build advanced naval without a surface threat
  • Uber Legion will build advanced naval if it's being stopped from expanding
  • Tweaks to help Uber recognise faster that it's safe to rush orbital
  • Made some changes to help Silver avoid getting stuck on a single planet
  • Bronze and Silver will go orbital faster in multi-planet games
  • Casual and Bronze less selective in their orbital unit builds
  • Casual, Bronze and Silver take longer to send orbital fabbers to other worlds
  • Casual, Bronze far more restricted in moving orbital units between planets
  • Casual, Bronze and Silver are slower to scout other worlds
  • Added minimum fabber requirements to Catalysts at almost all levels so they don't stop interplanetary expansion
  • Properly exclude orbital fabbers from Catalyst build checks
  • Uber much more likely to go orbital if the enemy does and it has no orbital presence
  • Uber gives higher priority to its first anti-nuke on multi-planet maps
  • Uber less likely to build Catalysts when it can't commit to all five
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