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A new version of the mod is now available from the downloads section. A little database cleanup, increased MOT and MECH costs, and a fix for the Declare War crash are the main changes from 3.2.7. If you already downloaded 3.2.7, you'll need to grab this download to fix the CTD. We've been able to get to 1946 without crashes in our hands-off tests, so the mod is now in an unfinished beta state. Full changelog is in the download.

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The main improvement for this version is a quick-fix to resolve a crash that was introduced in 3.2.7. Please see the news release for 3.2.7 for a list of changes from 3.2.6, or view the readme provided in the download.

HPP TFH version 3.2.7 (09 July, 2013)

If you have 4GB of RAM or more, have a 64-bit OS, and are getting CTDs, then you need to download Podcat's LAA .exe from the official Paradox Tech Support Forum! The game as-is can only use 1 GB of RAM, so the CTDs you're seeing come from the game running out of memory!

The mod is now in a beta state and we expect there to be some bugs, but no crashes. If you follow the install instructions to the letter then it will start up without any problems; I'm testing with the exact same download you guys will get and I follow the instructions I wrote down in the download section and can start up the mod with no problems, so if you're getting startup issues then go double-check the install instructions. Once the game starts though, there may be buggy AI behavior due to TFH changes to the AI system from the FTM expansion. If you get a crash or see the AI fall asleep or build/research something silly then please comment here, in the ModDB forum for the HPP (check out the forum link to the upper-right, next to images), or the mod's main forum (official page in the mod's profile to the right) telling us what happened. The more detail you can provide the faster we can fix the bug or crash.

For AI-related bugs, it would help tremendously if after you quit the game you would go to the folder Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron III\HPP\logs, open the file system.log in notepad or some other editor, and check the bottom of the file for errors. This file is deleted every time you start the game, so please look at it and report any errors at the bottom before you start the game up again if you saw the AI fall asleep. If you do see any errors please report them, because the errors will point us to the files we need to fix.

Also, please keep in mind that generating the map cache can take a long time and hog up a bunch of memory. If you have an older computer, you may want to go to Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron III\map and copy your vanilla cache folder to Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron III\HPP\map (make this folder if it doesn't exist). This will bypass the map cache generation. You'll lose out on the visual region changes (the thick black borders on the map), but nothing else.

Known issues:
*Game will crash if you try to view strategic resources in the statistics screen.
*unit-limiting strategic resources not implemented
*leader tactics not affected by doctrines
*I think lend-lease, licensed builds, and the new spy system aren't fully implemented yet. SSmith can correct me if I'm wrong

NOT bugs:
*Anything you also see in the base game is obviously a base game problem. I'm talking about stuff like the music stops playing, the interface disappears, supply system is stupid, allied nations do nothing, etc. Things like missing cores, AI not researching infantry techs, and events not working are mod-related bugs. Basically, if you see an issue related to the interface not looking right, music/sounds not playing correctly, or what the AI does on the map, it has nothing to do with the mod since those areas are hard-coded.
*If pictures are missing or wrong, then you didn't install the graphics pack from the addons section.
*If the mod doesn't start up, then you didn't follow the install instruction
*France has been coded to declare war on Germany once Germany's threat gets too high. This can happen as early as 1938 if Germany is too aggressive or allows spies to raise its threat.


Is it save game compatible?

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Cause I copied everything and replaced except for these files: units.lua, some province folders, german OOB, german and italian countries files, counters.gfx, traits.gfx and defines.lua.

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Double checked, I realize it probably isn't savegame compatible, but if let's say I'm at 1939 invading Netherlands and expiriencing a CTD, if I have another Savegame at 1938 do you think it would work?

EDIT: Nevermind, I prob have to start over again :/

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Sorry for so many posts, but I just started a new game and it crashed when I invaded Belgium 1936 at the start.
Guess there might be something to do with defines.lua or countries folder. going to keep trying to find the problem.

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Got it to work :D

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thebromgrev Author

In general new versions aren't compatible with old ones, which is why I tell people to delete their old saves in the install instructions. The problem with 3.2.7 that required a new version to come out so soon was that the mod is over 3 years old and I accidentally used an outdated region in ../hpp/map/region.txt that wasn't updated from SF. The outdated region caused a crash when the game tried to load up the list of Acquire Territory regions.

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Thanks for clarefying.

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