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Support for every game mode within Planetary Annihilation

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    • Thanks to PA Inc for updating the server scripts to support all game modes in Galactic War
    • Implemented support for:
      • bounty mode (bounties)
      • land anywhere (big spawns)
      • sudden death mode (team death)

    • Replaced my shuffle solution with the new native spawn shuffling solution
      • Wars pre-v3 will not shuffle spawns

  • Made landing zone shuffling optional
  • Fixed gas giants being included in the planetary intelligence surface area count
  • Updated difficulty tooltip recommendations
  • Show the system's name in place of the primary AI's name
  • Systems installed via Shared Systems for Galactic War will now show their description on the galaxy map
  • Added new option "Tougher Commanders" for those who want the enemy to be harder to kill (TITANS only)
  • Fixed bosses not spawning multiple commanders
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