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About the 2.0 version of MustaphaTR's D2K Mod for OpenRA.

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Hey, guys. I said i was remaking the mod some time ago, so here it is.

I haven't written down a full list of changes, for OpenRA a lot has changed since since i first made this mod. The new version comes with installers, so should be easier to get it working now.

Some of the changes i did other than the engine update stuff include:

  • Mercenaries can now buy planes from Starport.
  • Decreased cost of Engineer from Starport from 750 to 600.
  • Fixed the Carryall that brings the Harvester after building a Refinery for Smugglers not having improvements normal Smuggler Carryalls have.
  • Quake Tank now leaves husks when killed, except when deployed.
  • Engineers can no longer repair husks, Mechanics can instead.
  • Engineers can now repair damaged buildings.
  • I have not redone the armor rework in this version, because the main issue about the building armors was fixed at OpenRA's D2k shortly after i did those changes.
  • Drones now actually work like Red Alert 2 Terror Drones.
  • Suicide Bombers now work as Saboteurs in base OpenRA D2k, only name is different.
  • Added Fremen and Mercenary stuff to the shellmap.
  • Smuggler Saboteurs can now infiltrate buildings with support powers to reset them. Note that there is currently a bug where you can order to a building that can have powers but don't, but they don't actually respond to that order if they can't actually enter.
  • While Devastator has the self-destruct ability on OpenRA D2k now, i removed it for the mod since Quake Tank is basically same thing.
  • While it is mostly just including changes from OpenRA D2k, i wanna also note that missions added there since are now in this mod too, with some adjustments to include new stuff.

I won't be uploading the files here, you can download the new version from the links below:

Windows (x86|x64) - Linux - MacOS X (Compat)


I'm excited to try this out! I love the ideas behind this - thank you! :D

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Ixian repair pad has broken queue somehow - hitting several vehicles with a wrech makes them all go to the repair pad, but only the first one gets repaired, everyone else just hugs the building, even after re-sending the damaged units onto it by selecting and right-clicking them on it. i had no carryalls during that time - the vehicles drove there "manually".

had one soldier walk exclusively along the edge of the map for several minutes. at some point he just walked back into the map. i simply sent him into the shroud at the edge of the map (no fog, yes shroud in game settings).

Thumper infantry doesn't "entertain" the worms hard enough - worms slither to the edge of the leash radius all the time and when they bump into a vehicle - they eat it. feels like a bug.

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