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An overview of the first FREE DLC 1.4 "Evolving The Formula"

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Diehard Dungeon version 1.4 “Evolving the Formula” will introduce three new major features that will continue to evolve Diehard Dungeon’s unique take on the roguelike formula.

The new features are: Stats, Ranks and Tokens.


All stats will be recorded and viewable by the player. Everything from number of deaths, to kills, escapes, total treasure and more!
A total stats overview will be viewable from the main menu, and ‘run’ stats will be viewable in the event of the player’s successful escape from, or untimely demise in, the dungeon.


The player will receive a rank / title based upon their current stats. Ranks will go up and down.
The player rank is probably the biggest new feature, as it will determine the overall difficulty level of the game. The better you do, the more challenging the game will become.
Only the most skilled dungeon escapees will attain the highest ranks.


Tokens are awarded to the player for completing specific tasks, such as, defeating a boss, or escaping the dungeon, or intentionally making a run more difficult by avoiding chests, hearts and treasure.
Before a run, the player will have the option of using a token to modify the run in some way. The exact modification, as with most other aspects of the game, will be randomly selected from a ‘slot’ chest. Modifications will be everything from starting with a chest, to increasing luck, and much more!
If the player has enough tokens, they will also have the option of exchanging for higher ranks (excluding the highest attainable rank).

The minor details are all subject to change, but the above outline should give you a good idea of what to expect.
This will be a substantial update, that will see a huge increase in re-playability.

Stay tuned!



This my friend is going to make this game even greater... Keep up the awesome job:)

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Tricktale Author

Thanks! :)

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woo hoo

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Does this mean that just because I suck at roguelikes I'm gonna have to play an overtly easy, boring game? I'd much rather have an option to pick the difficulty.

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Tricktale Author

Hi, sorry for not replying sooner.

You will have the option of increasing the difficulty level by spending the tokens that you collect.
The new system will work in such a way that the game will rarely feel too easy (maybe at the starting "base" rank, for the more skilled players). I'll have more details soon.

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