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Balancing, bug fixes, gameplay tweaks, lore changes, as well as visual additions.

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  • Made Fire Lizards immune to fire.
  • Made Lady of Ice sometimes freeze Alice when casting an ice spell.
  • Decreased the hitbox size of Hoglobyte to avoid him dying too easily against Tongue of Flames.
  • Decreased the damage rate of Fire damage done to Hoglobyte to 100%. (Was 150%)

Bug fixes

  • Bella would sometimes cause the player to go into a loop when given food, this has been fixed.


  • Added Fire Lizards to regular game.
  • Removed save point from the fourth level.
  • Saving point has to be earned in Gates of Heaven.


  • Glamour now warns Alice that she can't help her in the fourth level and that she shouldn't venture forward until she's ready.


  • Hoglobyte now has a death zoom animation.
  • Guard demon now has a death zoom animation.
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