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After a lot of work, version 1.00 is finally here. Many bugs and glitches fixed, but the source of the update lies in the Level Editor - use custom textures sets, gamemodes, weapons, and much more.

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Version 1.00 is here. This new update fixes many problems, primarily those in the Level Editor. In addition, the Editor has been greatly expanded, including more objects, more settings, ability to import and use custom weapons with unique crosshairs and much more! There is also support for .ini files that can execute code externally from the game, allowing you to do what you wish - change textures, set player speeds, change the HUD, manipulate AI behavior - you name it, you can do it!

There is also support for 'Multiplayer' Tools - place these in your level and you can play various Arena modes from FPS1 - Team Deathmatch, Point Control, and Capture the Flag!

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