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What's all different from V 0.7.2 to 0.7.3? A good bit. Here's the changelog. Plus info on my youtube channel.

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This update started out as an enemy update, but along the way, I got some feedback, got some criticism, and realized that, visually, the game doesn't look great, and it hurts the experience. So I quickly switched from making the enemies, to making the game look visually more appealing. This spontaneous action definitely delayed the update, so I'll try to avoid that in the future.

Without further ado, here's the list of changes:

  • A massive visual upgrade to the Labyrinth. A new shader along with new textures, hopefully it will feel closer to a dream-like state. There are a couple visual issues I'm still looking into, but nothing major from what I've seen.
  • A few weapon tweaks to try and balance them a little more. SledgeAxe has a little less range and a little less damage. The Iron Sword has been replaced by the Longsword, which is a little more viable, with a slight damage boost and a longer range. Demon Trident is nerfed a tiny bit.
  • Unstable Aura is a new unique tier item you can find. Whenever you attack an enemy, nearby enemies will receive a portion of the damage.
  • Golem enemy is added! He's a new elite enemy who can create a massive shockwave to tear down surrounding environment, and even lift the player off the ground. This enemy can drop the Golem Fragment, and chests no longer contain this item. This enemy is edible, just like the slimes.
  • Mimics are an enemy now. Keep an eye on the keyhole on each chest, it'll tell you if it's a mimic chest or not. These guys run very fast, and throw out explosives. This enemy is edible, just like the slimes.
  • Terror now has a little more defense, along with a bug fix for him being stuck a transition.
  • Critical hits multiply knockback by 1.5, as opposed to the previous 2.0. Critical damage reduced from 3 to 2x damage.
  • Inspection boxes exist now. They display details of items and weapons when you look at them.
  • Knockback is displayed instead of max combo in the weapon box info. Max combo is determined by the type of weapon.
  • Opening the Inventory now pauses the game, along with the stats menu. Take your time to read through all your abilities now.
  • More feedback for when the player gets hit. Screen now flashes red.
  • For the time being: you simply need to hold the mouse button to attack consistently. There's been reports of people having difficulty, or unresponsiveness from the mouse, so I'm switching it to this for the time being.
  • The luck stat will now contribute to how frequently an enemy drops an item.
  • I've honestly lost track of all the changes I made to the item equations. They all still do the same thing, but they might be stronger/weaker now.
  • Countless small bug fixes, a few larger fixes. Too many to list here. Along with several other little things I never wrote down and forget.

Youtube Channel:

Along with releasing this update, I've decided I wanted to start a youtube channel... or- rather, revive my current channel. I've posted a few videos on it from time to time, but I really want to get more into it. On this channel I will be creating development logs about Labyrinth, making first impression feedback on indie games, and maybe even some occasional laid back videos, where I play one of my favorite games, and talk about it. I'm hoping this youtube channel will help get my name out there, as well as helping other indie developers.

Here's a link to my first dev log- in video form, where I talk about what this version has, and where I kinda ramble on for a little.

If you want to stay updated, or just chat with me, join the discord (opens in new window)!
Support the development: Patreon.com(opens in a new window)
Support via coffee: Ko-fi.com(opens in a new window)

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