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The latest update for Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale has released! A full version log is provided! The end of the Chapter 1 storyline has arrived at last!

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The latest update of Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale is here, and it brings the finale of the Chapter 1 storyline into the game! The Player travels into the Pito Caves to route the threat of the mysterious Cult, only to meet their mysterious leader...

Version Log

  • Full Episode 3 Release
  • Pito Caves Dungeon First Pass (More to be Added)
  • Pito Diplomacy (Be Friendly or be Enemies)
  • Beginning Pass at Monster Design Polish
  • More Portals for Quick Travel
  • Chapter 1 Finale Boss

Future Changes:

Major Implements:

  • Southern Ancient Hills Polish
  • Finish Sacred Valley
  • All Monster Designs Reworked
  • Bandit Miniboss
  • Transition area for Ancient Hills and Forest
  • Battle Animations Rework
  • Orc Village
  • Item Icon Customization
  • World Scar Revamp
  • Anima Village improved/made useful

Secondary Objectives:

  • Create Original Area BGMs
  • Complete the Library
  • Add More Cutscenes
  • Work on the Isle of Valor
  • Implement Facesets
  • More Artifacts
  • Saliden Village Expansion
  • Isle of Heart - Iskar / Mother Storyline


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