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The full version of Version 0.4.0 has been released, adding an additional hour of game time to the story!

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The Ancient Forest Update is live! All new bosses, dungeons, story, and areas have been added!

Feature List

  • Full Playable Episode 2 of the game
  • A multitude of new monsters and bosses
  • Several new dungeons
  • New secrets
  • Preevents for the chapter finale
  • Thief, Barbarian, and Paladin Tweaks
  • Island of Valor boss #1: Tsukoyomi
  • Secret Events in the Isle of Heart

Island of Valor Boss: Tsukoyomi - Indie DB

Version 0.5.0: The Upwelling Update Features

  • Pito Village
  • Pito Caves Dungeon
  • Chapter Finale Boss
  • Chapter Finale Story
  • A fully fleshed out Ancient Hills: South
  • Sacred Valley finished
  • Implemention of Monster Diplomacy
  • Bandit Miniboss
  • Transit Route for Ancient Forest - Sacred Valley/Ancient Hills

Possible Additions:

  • Ancient Desert and Snowy Hills Teaser Areas
  • Junction area connecting them
  • Island of Valor Bosses and Conclusion?
  • Isle of Heart Story - Iskar
  • Add Interiors to Saliden Village and Make a safety buffer and teleport option.
  • More Artifacts?
  • More Unique Battle Animations / Fine Tuning
  • Replace stock music with original compositions
  • Investigate unique icons

Forest Temple

Nero & Xiaa

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