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We have updated to version and added a comprehensive support forums!

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Version is now out!

This update features several major additions, such as a new Capture-The-Flag team event, whereby players will be grouped together in to two teams (red vs blue), to compete to capture the enemy team flag, while defending their own!

We have also added a similar event for PvP, whereby players will be grouped together into two teams (red vs blue), to compete in pure PvP, the first team to reach 10 kills will be victorious!

Both these events have large in-game rewards and are started by the server on an auto-timer, keep your eyes on chat for the announcement that they have opened and are recruiting!

Also a new NPC has been added to Aeeria Square, that will purchase second hand level 120 weapons (to avoid surplus stock).

Further, we have just launched a comprehensive support forums on Sanctumofbeasts.com if you need any assistance or information, or just want to socialise with the community, please come and visit!

I hope these additions are helpful, see you in-game.

Best regards,

John - S.o.B Developer

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