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Vantage is a Primitive Survival Game. Your main objective is simple... to stay alive! You explore the massive world searching for food, creating primitive tools and weapons to create, hunt, and craft other items to make your life easier.

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For those who are interested, Vantage is currently in Early Access on Steam, you can check it out here:

The Vantage Trailer!

This update overhauls the combat system! And *finally* you can perform melee attacks if you dare to get that close to a vicious animal!


You now have an option to to perform a melee or ranged attack with your weapon ( depending on your weapon ). For example spears can be both used as a ranged (throwing) or melee weapon. And sharpened stone/bone/wood can be used as crude melee weapons.

The new combat interface now appears when you are attacked ( or by pressing the X (default) key ). This new interface is designed to make sure you can find, ready, equip and attack with your weapons as quickly and as efficiently as possible! Each option also has re-bindable keys assigned to each action for even more quick and easy access.


For example, you can throw your spear at an enemy as you are chasing them, then pick up your spear off the ground as you run by it, and have it immediately ready to throw again! Or you can quickly reload your sling with pebbles from your hide sack and by ready to fire very quickly!


The interface is designed to make combat much less complex and enjoyable. As of now, you can possibly go head-to-head with a sabretooth tiger if you dare to try!


This update also ends of a major development milestone, which was the complete game play overhaul of every system in the game! I will of course constantly be working on this, but now I begin the next major development milestone, which is game optimization. Making the game run better, faster, smoother and optimizing code. I will explain more about this later.

Good luck!!

You can check out more information on the game's Steam website here: Store.steampowered.com

Vantage's Facebook Page: Facebook.com

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