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The forums are open... but empty.. this is where you all come in

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So doing a full 180 on what my original intentions were for the project I'e set up forums for Valhalla Lost. Why?.. good question as I originally didn't want to do anything overly social so early in the projects development, planning to wait till we were closer to something of an alpha build before we started the social train.

If your wondering what changed... well pretty much everything since making the IndieDB has. From the first weekend of the project being up here, before any art was up I was getting questions from people interested in the game, just from the concept and this has been compounded even more so with the recent recruitment video.

So it's just about allowing discussion, starting a dialog between anyone who's a fan of the project and the team, or just me depending on progress. The game is still volunteer so people will come and go, but its another way for them to show their skills and show off progress on the game.

The forums may never become a big thing, but if your reading this and the project has captured your interest then you now know they are there and you can go in, ask questions, see if there's openings on the team if you want to work on the project. Come and say hi and learn more about what I'd like the game to become as we develop it!

Now as with all articles I'll share some art because it's fun to do so.. when we have no art I'll share a bunny picture to make up for it! But this is the most recent image, i made this as a composite of other images to get the vision across of what an area needs to look like.. it's useful as a color map and guide for the concept artist to shape their work for the final concept

Mural Cave


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