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New map w/ build time-lapse and gameplay. Click for full patch notes on Vacancy Unlimited early access build 0.325.

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What I've been working on :

Added new map Cascade View North

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All pistols do 50% more damage
All LMGs do 10% more damage
When reloading with ammo still in your clip that ammo will be added back to your inventory.
Zombies now have wandering functionality and will move around their initial spawn point.
Fixed enemy spawns on light monuments where NPC wouldn't reach the player
Improved optimization on all maps
Replaced the old car model with car models created by Devils Workshop. Huge special thank you to devils workshop! If you need assets for your own projects please consider supporting them and checking out their Itch.io page.
Added missing SFX to most weapons
Added ammo pickup sfx
Added food pickup sfx
Added weapon pickup sfx
Added Invert Y Mouse X axis function in Pause menu
Added functionality for bullets to pass through certain object materials
Increased Hp, Mana, and Exp received from harvest points
Fixed bug where Max mana was always 100 instead of 100 + level mana modifier



What's coming next :

More UI / Control Improvements
More WIP on Zombie AI behavior
More SFX
More VO for Priority Targets
New Map Cascade View North

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