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A cleanup of most of the remaining issues. Uber is more cautious about going orbital when on a planet with other players, so if the AI should be getting off that world ASAP then use Uber Tech.

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  • Silver techs later when alone
  • Platinum techs earlier when alone
  • Uber has a smaller sized planet requirement for additional bot factories
  • Uber slower to go orbital when there's a ground threat but Uber Tech rushes orbital
  • Fixed Uber Cautious not teching as quick as it's supposed to
  • Uber no longer thinks a teleporter it built in its main base represents a beachhead
  • Casual and Bronze will build the Icarus
  • Bronze and Uber can use the Icarus to attack
  • Uber favours the Meteor as its Legion T2 air choice
  • Removed caps on Meteor builds across all levels
  • Meteors can be used to form bomber platoons
  • Uber slightly more likely to use T2 Legion air
  • Fixed Uber Air MLA not teching when it can't expand
  • Uber places its orbital factories further away from Jigs and Rigs
  • Uber won't send land scouts intended for mine spotting off scouting
  • Uber will build a transport for Commander evac if it wants to run and its teleporter is about to run of energy
  • Uber won't build a Tyr unless it has enough fabbers to do it quickly
  • Uber less likely to build defences around a teleporter unless it has spotted a threat
  • Uber only anticipates nukes on other worlds if it's likely someone is on that other world
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