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Improved Legion unit ratios and integrated the Nova into standard play.

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Following on from recent guides and tournaments focused on Legion, and the balance starting to solidify a little, this release is focused on improving Queller's use of Legion units. The Nova has also undergone significant changes and the remove of the friendly fire feature which caused it to have its own squad, so now it's integrated into general air squads.

Please drop me feedback or replay links, I always enjoy seeing how it does out in the wild.

  • Decreased use of Miniman by Uber
  • Decreased use of Monstrosities by Uber
  • Integrated Novas into air squads
  • Novas now use escort behaviour in place of suicide
  • Improved Uber checks for unit ratios
  • Platinum and Uber use the Nova again
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold use less Novas
  • Increased minimum army size requirements for some Legion units used by Uber while widening the units counted
  • Lancers moved to the fast squad
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Neat idea for a game

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