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Big update, including dev suite and new main menu. Check it out and feel free to post suggestions and criticism.

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Hello everyone again. This is big update (yea, I am saying that again lol). I actually do not slept for 3 days becouse of working on this. Major thing what I added is Developer Suite. I tried to make it looking similar to RPG Maker as much as possible. This is probably the biggest change to Eclipse-based engine since DirectX8 and Event System, so I hope this will bring more attention to Prospekt Source. I also edited engine logo a bit and added new tilesets.


Here is changelog:

- Removed drawing of FPS by default. Now you must enter /fps to show it.
- Fixed some bugs in events
- Added layer selection to event editor, so you can choose on what layer will be event drawn
- Overhauled error handler (now Ignore and Abort buttons are acrually doing what they are supposed to do)
- Added displaying of error line to error handler
- Removed tons of unused variables from client
- Optimized drawing of map tiles a bit (merged 3 similar map tile drawing subs to one)
- Fixed tons (and I mean really tons) of bugs in all editors while I was porting them to dev suite
- Created Prospekt Developer Suite
- Added Roofing system
- Fixed possibility of self-killing with ranged weapons
- Added map background sound. This will require deletion of maps
- Removed Day/Night combobox from map properties becouse it was never used
- Changed server interface a bit again (more minimal and enlarged console window)
- Fixed options buttons clicking and states
- Added new tilesets
- Revamped CheckResource sub. This also fixed bug with not being able to cut down resource with no tool requirement
- Fixed dropping items on death
- Added StartMap, StartX and StartY to server side config.ini
- Fixed saving of server side options
- Removed Loading... screen becouse of new menu alert messages
- Fixed Connecting to server... message appearing at start
- Removed Social Icons
- Added missing directory checks to client
- Fixed chat scroll down button position
- Recolored engine logo
- Made some changes to Main Menu design
- Added top and bottom menu shadow
- Revamped Event Message command. Now you can select if you want display player sprite, NPC sprite or simply select sprite number or just do not display any sprite, just plain text.
- Now NPC events will stop moving and look at you when you start conversation with them.
- Fixed bug with selecting item type in item editor.
- Removed Unique item type.
- Added Event item type. Now you can trigger event when using item.
- Fixed withdrawing of ITEM_TYPE_NONE items from bank.


Prospekt Source v12: Download from Dropbox

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