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Post news RSS [v0.2] Huge Patch arrives to Guild Management Game Project

New Starter Guild Member, and Easter event extended by 7 days. A good number of tweaks throughout the game.

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Hey everybody, this update I've been working on for weeks, and should actually have released earlier before Easter event ended. I have to say, by the way:Due to not releasing it in time for the event, I made the event run for 7 more days. That's only valid in this year, so make good use of the extra time to get your Easter loot while you can.

Lavanda Settlement reviewed

Lavanda Settlement had three issues:One, it didn't had lampposts, like the other regions of Lavanda had.I took the liberty of adding some lampposts, beside seems like will need more of them.
I blocked the east exit, because it could end up meaning there would be another way of entering Lavanda, which is not intended.Not only the east wall was blocked, but the blocking fences also got removed from the east, and the guards to the east were either moved/removed.A few frenzied zombies might still be on the east of the map. Feel free to kill them if you find them.
The third issue, was that Weather wasn't working as intended. Now you can try noticing weather affecting Lavanda Settlement, if the dense fog allows.

New Headless Horseman loot

I added a rare pistol loot to the Headless Horseman.You probably already know where to find him. If you don't, then get into looking for him.
Sadly, he's not a recruitable guild member yet. I still need to work on him before I continue making his quest line.

New Guild Member: Lop

A kid seeks to join a guild and explore the world. Beside not having combat skills, he knows well how to use his Slingshot.He's a starter guild member, so you'll be able to recruit him right away by going on your guild applications.
Currently, there's no weapon upgrades for him. I will add them in the future.

Easter Event Tweaks and Extended Temporarily

I hope you guys enjoyed the Easter event, even more since I forgot to add cooldown to the Chocolate Eggs. Now the spree is over, because I added the missing cooldown to it, so you can no longer incite diabetes on your characters just to survive a battle.Don't worry, by the way, since it's the same cooldown of potions: 5 seconds.
Since I launched this update late, I extended the event duration by 7 days for this year.Next years, the event will run through the normal 28 days as intended.

Leatherworker in Gavea

I tried adding more craftable equipments you can get for your guild members.Not only all the ingredients are farmable, but also don't have abusive item requirements, like 120 rabbit leathers.
Like any other equipment, they give unique status boost to characters wearing it, so it is a good idea to find out what the equipments have to offer to your guild members.
Also, the Shopkeeper in Lavanda got new crafting recipes too, so you might be interested in checking it out.
More craftable equipments might be added in the future.

Asphalion's Combat Technique Buffed

Asphalion got his Healing Song and Recovery Sound skills cooldown reduced by 10 seconds.That might make it better to have him along with your team, and also increase survivability with him, as intended.

New Passive Skills to Some Characters

Some characters gained some new skills to make them more interesting.

  • Collin gained the Bully skill, which makes him cause more damage to smaller foes.
  • Melissa gained Beast Slayer and Bird Slayer skills, whose will increase damage against foes of the respective race types.
  • Magara gained Tanker skill on Warrior and Defensive Shot Combat Techniques, which increases her resistence to damage against bigger monsters.

That might make those characters more interesting to play with, but I fear might make some of them, like Melissa, more situational. Beside, Melissa is a hunter, so yeah... Makes sense she causing more damage to birds and beasts.

Queen Adriana is no longer over generous

Well, I found out that if any guild went to speak with her, she would give the reward for defeating Gelking 5 times to just anyone.She will no longer do that. She will now only give you the reward if you've actually defeated Gelking 5 times.
If you got the reward early, don't feel bad for getting or adding the new guild members to your guild.Feel free to keep them.

One new quest to the game

I added a quest to the game which I tried to not make it like a generic "go kill x something" or "go collect x something".I wont tell you where to find the quest, but if you do find it, do let me know what you think.The quest itself wont have a quest log, so pay attention to what the npc is talking about.


The Headless Horseman now can drop a Rare pistol.
Easter Eggs now have a chance of dropping Bunny Ears.
Tweaked Lavanda Camp shopkeeper craft recipes.
Added a Leatherworker to City of Gavea.
=> He's located south of the Gavea Market, close to the Blacksmith.
=> He will use some materials you get from monsters to make equipments.
=> New materials can also be found from monsters too.
Added missing use cooldown to Chocolate Eggs.
=> I hope you guys enjoyed it while it lasted.
Added the missing lamp posts to Lavanda Settlement.
Mane Demons now drop Fang, instead of Decayed Tooth, as one of its loot.
Added new crafting recipes to Lavanda Settlement Shopkeeper.
Added a tag to sell item shops, which will show "QUEST" tag if the item is currently used by any active quest.
Bear Paw Glove now gives 4 Power status, instead of 4 Physical Damage.
Fixed a bug where skills interrupted were being interpreted by some npcs AI as casted successfully.
Added blood spilling effect to a number of monster attacks.
Buffed Restoring Sound skill healing effect.
Reduced the cooldown of Healing Song from 45 seconds to 35 seconds.
Reduced the cooldown of Recovery Sound skill from 50 seconds to 40 seconds.
Buffed debuff damages.
Bunny Slimes, Acid Doggies and Lapins now change their target based on aggro.
Nerfed Toxic Sludge Poisoned debuff power.
Lop has been added as a new starter guild member.
=> You should find him on your Guild Applications.
Made the Bunny Ears less rarer.
Replaced the Armor Vendor npc for another.
Fixed issue where weather wasn't correctly functioning in Lavanda Settlement.
Debuffs will no longer bypass the maximum damage a monster that only receives 1 of damage can receive.
Due to a change on how skills and quick slots are saved, all your character skills and quickslots got resetted.
=> Just enter the game with your character and set them back again, no big deal.
Collin gained Bully skill on both his Combat Techniques.
=> Damage from Collin is increased if the attacked target is smaller than him.
Melissa gained Beast Slayer and Bird Slayer skills on both her Combat Techniques.
=> Beast Slayer increases damage caused against Beast type creatures.
=> Bird Slayer increases damage caused against Bird type creatures.
Magara gained Tanker skill on Warrior and Defensive Shot Combat Techniques..
=> Tanker reduces damage received from attackers bigger than Magara.
Added a mountain wall to the east of Lavanda Settlement, and removed the path leading East.
=> That would mean there would be a connection between Lavanda Settlement and Gavea Southern field, which not only invalidates Lavanda Wall, but also would lose part of the sense.
=> Some zombies might have managed to "breach" through the east with the surging of the mountain. Be kind and kill those zombies.
Reduced the Weight Bonus given by Heavy Load skill, from 160 + 20 per level, to 60 + 10 per level.
Queen Adriana will no longer freely give Gavea Guards to anyone.
=> She will now correctly only give you those guild members if you've beaten Gelking at least 5 times.
Earthquake's Earth crack effect now can interrupt bigger monsters.
Meteor skill is no longer interruptible.
Extended Easter event by 7 days.
=> That's only valid in 2023.
Stench debuff will no longer inflict Fear debuff on monsters bigger than the inflicter of the debuff.
Added signs to Gavea, to better help with direction.
Added a new quest to the game.
=> Let me know what you think of this kind of quest.

You can download the update from here:


If you haven't already, feel free to join the game discord server.

Have fun :)

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