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Post news RSS v0.19 is out! Wings & model updates.

v0.19 brings a new component for flight along with improvements to existing parts.

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New wings

It is finally possible to create a stable flyer! The new wings apply counter-forces to your vehicle such that it remains stable in air, allowing the creation of useable aircraft.

bomber bombing bomber

Currently only small wings ("rudders") are added. Larger wings with more carry capacity will be added in the future.


Improved 3D models

Some of the older models were placeholders. These have been replaced with proper models:





Laser cannon

laser cannon

Comparison between old and new

These pictures show the improvements clearly. The first one is how the Skunk used to look, the second one shows the sexier Skunk:

Old picture

New picture

Buffed plasma cannons

While the plasma cannons are very powerful, it was also very hard to hit anything with it. To alleviate this, both the projectile speed and explosion radius have been doubled. Enemies can now be engulfed in a big ball of fire:

plasma boom

Multiblock & Per-face connections

It used to be that all blocks were 1x1x1 in size & could be connected to from all sides. This is no longer the case: big blocks such as the 3x3 turret can be connected to from multiple sides & it's no longer possible to attach to "invisible" faces.

multiblock cropped


Center of mass & collision box adapting to destroyed blocks

Vehicle bodies will now adjust the center of mass & collision shape accordingly to destroyed blocks. This means that damaged vehicles will behave more realistically:

center of mass

Other changes & fixes

  • The maximum speed of thrusters has been increased from 144 km/h to 360 km/h. The speed limit is now directional instead of globally.
  • Fix the 2x2 turret not rotating around the center
  • Increase damping to prevent excessive velocities & forces
  • Invalid vehicles are detected before a map is loaded.
  • Cache vehicle data in The Pit, preventing lag spikes on respawns.
  • Added a self destruct in The Pit if the AI decides to torture a player.
  • Fix input keys getting stuck when controlling a vehicle.
  • Fix outline of disconnected blocks not being rendered properly in some cases.


The latest release can be found on Github. Alternatively, it can be downloaded here:


Own War v0.19.0 - Windows


Own War v0.19.0 - OS X


Own War v0.19.0 - Linux


OwnWar v0.19.0 - Server Build

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