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v0.0.7.3 attempts to improve the graphics a bit...

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Changes and Fixes:
- Improved the terrain textures
- Animated the water
- Added sky backgrounds (Day and Night versions) to the combat
- Added a "Pause" button to the bottom of the screen
- Added a prompt for when combat is about to start, with "Fight" (starts combat) and "Pause" (cancels combat, zooms to the squad and pauses the game) options
- Improved the slider controls
- Created an installer for the game with the XNA 4.0 Refresh Redistributable included
- Fixed a bug with being able to select squads through buttons
- Made time continue passing while in combat
- Fixed a bug with the Shop inventory that could cause the game to crash
- Increased the amount of items that can be found in shops
- Fixed a bug with Offensive Physical Runes not applying their increase to Physical Damage during combat

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