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v0.0.7.1 introduces runes and runecrafting to Dirge of Sorrows!

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Changes and Fixes:

- Implemented runes (126 of them)
- Added a rune crafting menu (and a hint of more crafting to come)
- Gave every piece of equipment a number of rune slots (better equipment has more slots)
- Right-clicking a piece of equipment now opens a menu for adding/changing runes

- Changed the base damage of weapons
- Physical damage of melee weapons is now based on distance (furthest distance = minimum damage, closest distance = maximum damage)
- The display of damage during combat is now color-coded to the damage type (Death, Earth, Fire, Physical, Water, or Wind)
- Damage other than physical is not distance-based
- Gave the display of damage during combat a "-" sign in front of it
- Made the location of damage displayed during combat be a bit random (but still in the vicinity of the character affected)
- Added a "Victory" and "Defeat" screen for when combat is finished (now requires clicking before returning to the map)
- You can now earn gold from killing enemies (random amount based on number of enemies)
- Added a display of the squad names during combat under the health displays

- Fixed some bugs with the movement of enemies
- Improved the enemy AI a bit
- Fixed some bugs with the collision detection
- Characters sitting on towns will now regenerate hp (1 per in-game minute)
- Made all squads display in the management screen, whether deployed or not
- Gave the "Victory" screen (when completing a map) a transparent background
- Made the sliders in menus work a bit more smoothly
- Set starting amount of Gold to 200
- Increased the starting number of reserve units to 24
- Made all reserve units start with Cloth Armor and a Wood Club
- Increased the number of enemy squads

- Added a "Cast" animation graphic
- Characters with healing runes equipped will now stand still and "cast" instead of running forward to attack
- Added sound effects for casting

Stuff yet to come:
- Better path-finding
- Animations for being hit and blocking (0 damage)
- Story/Dialogue bits when capturing towns
- A world map where you can save/load the game
- An intro scene to select the Hero gender

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