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v0.0.6.4 brings loads of new content to the game...

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Here's what was added since v0.0.5.2:

- Right-clicking a unit in the army management menu now opens a new menu to change the equipment of that unit
- Added graphics for the Copper, Iron, Bronze and Steel armor
- Added helms (Leather, Copper, Iron, Bronze and Steel)
- Added shields (Wood, Copper, Iron, Bronze and Steel)
- Added more swords (Iron, Bronze and Steel)
- Gave every piece of equipment a base damage/defense (shown when hovering the mouse on one)
- Assigned every piece of equipment a gold value
- There is now the possibility for a town to have a Shop, each with their own stock of equipment to purchase (can also sell stuff to them)
- You can now earn 1 Gold (per in-game hour) for each town in your control
- Added a fancy "+1" text that floats up from a town netting you gold
- Added a flashy "Captured" text that floats up from a town when captured (blue for you, red for enemies)
- Enabled the generation of larger maps (up to 100x100 tiles)
- More sound effects
- A new map is now generated after the Victory screen
- Moved the loading of all the assets to after "New Game" is first clicked, since it now takes a few seconds for everything to load
- Added a Loading screen

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