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A general overview of things Ive been working on and plans for what lies ahead!

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I added a few events to the game. Meaning things that happen when certain conditions are met.

There is now an event that resets your level to 1, and changes you from (Element) Acolyte to Adept. This is the 2nd base class. It has no new spells, but it takes more exp to level up. It also gains more status points on level up.

There is also the framework for changing to Water, Earth, Fire Adepts. Air adept is fully implemented. However, the game has not been populated with 2nd branch spells yet. Each combination of classes will unlock a unique skill, 4/0/0/0, 3/1/0/0,0/0/2/2 ect ect. And investing in the same class multiple times will both increase all spell efficiency/output as well as give a unique spell.

Experience will need to be balanced, because at 70+ the numbers start to get a bit insane. Especially as an Adept.​

A player variable for "Reincarnation" has been added. And a few events associated to it.

1. On level up, your Reincarnation count is checked. This currently has no purpose. The plan was to allocate additional points this way, but i found it easier to just create new class bases and make the scaling happen during the class chance from base adept to elemental adept.

2. An even sends a global message when anyone rebirths. It also says how many times the player has rebirthed by referencing a player variable.

3. Reincarnation itself is current just handled by a specific tile with an event on it. In the future classes will not gain all spells at once.


I really want players to be able to reroll their gems, its just too restrictive as is. This means for each gem, Ill be making 10 versions of it. Its really tedious but is necessary for players to be able to change what slot a gem goes in.

As you can see, I've done some testing of a Water Acolyte rebirthing and becoming a Air Adept. You retain your past lives skills and gems, gear has no level requirements. Oh yeah, Clucken sets done! The hat, shield, weapon, armor, belt, boots are all paperdolled. So they have unique side and back views and move with the character. Gear as a whole will likely be re-balanced again soon. I current have a set of gear giving 50% more stats.

Once I finish with all the events, I will add the final 4 spells for each first branch.

Build Ideas:

Im thinking that 1st class choice will always have an influence on further choices. So fire will influence the unique skills gained. Then the final class choice will lock in your stat scaling. Rebirth 4 and up will only increase statistic gain and exp required to level. Thought I would like to see rebirths giving something more....like special access or opportunities. Areas in the world gated with a Reincarnation player variable check.


Scale back exp required to level and exp granted from enemies.

Play around with balancing skills more.

Create three more gearsets. Cave Clucken, Hopper, and Rat set.

Create three more gearsets. Cave Clucken, Hopper, and Rat set.

Populate the world with test areas for level intervals of 5.

Create a character for each range and test balancing til it feels right.

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