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Here we show you our UI, how it looks, how it works and why.

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Welcome to Summer Catchers base camp!

We already showed you our gameplay and weather effects. Now we want to tell you about UI in our game.

The first thing that you'll see launching the game will be the gamepad detection menu (of course, if you use gamepad and it is connected).

It's a simple menu. Here you can see a few options. We decided to add XBOX gamepad and DualShock compatibility, cuz it's the most popular gamepads and other hardware developers focus on them too. Also, you can see the "Steam Controller" option. There is a lot of questions for us. We still haven't one, but we’re sure that we should configure it as well, despite the fact, that everyone can configure and modify it for anything.

Then you'll see the "Save slots" menu.

Everything is simple here. You have three slots to save your progress through the game. We think, that this system is quite simple and good enough. After you choose a slot you should choose a character. There will be only one character at first. After you complete the game you will discover a new character.

You can also go to options menu before you start the game.

Here you can mute sound, enable or disable vibration (if you use a gamepad), choose a language (now we have only ‘English’ option) and clear the progress in the slot you want.

Next thing is our shop! It's awesome, we must say!

You could see it earlier in our video, but now we ready to tell more about it. The shop has three departments: Tool, Gear and Look. The first one has everything you need to overcome all obstacles in race. The Gear department has new cars and some upgrades. The third one will contain all decorative upgrades - hats, flags, paints and so on. In every new level there will be a new shop, but it will have the same departments, which will open new and new stuff to you.

Inventory is our everything!

It shows everything that you have! It shows you wallet with mushrooms, shows your lifebar, your current mission, tools that you bought and artifacts you have found. Also, our inventory has its own music theme, which is awesome! And you just look how cool everything is slowing down!

And of course we have a pause popup menu.

In earlier builds we haven't. But man! We decided that slow down is not enough and everyone should be able to pause the game anytime. And we must say, that was a good decision!

Well, here are our menus. Hope you like it! And BTW, don't forget, that we are on Steam Greenlight right now and we need your support, boys and girls!


Nice-nice. But wouldn't it be better to show 'lives'/car damage during gameplay, not in the inventory?

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EugeneOzh Author

Thanks! We think, that car condition is good enough as index of life : )

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please please.....change the yetti sound to something less frightening..........its giving me nightmares

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EugeneOzh Author

Ahah! Sorry if we scared you, my friend : ) We'll try!
I hope you're okay and sleep well tonight!

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