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Updates about the custom story and its page on Moddb are noted here with dates.

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Hi everyone! I decided to create an article in which I am going to try to keep the interested members updated with the custom story. I will be posting here smaller or bigger updates about the CS, I think its the best format to keep you informed.

04.09 Update:

Replaced previous images on moddb CS page due to their bad quality, because they had to be converted before putting them up. The new images are different and should have higher quality. As with the custom story itself, Some testing and some script fixing happened on the maps that I have already done as well as the progress of the 7th map is great. The environment is almost done, then the scripting comes.

04.15 Update:

Spent the last couple of days mostly with finding voice actors with great success. I've managed to find about 10-11 quality voice actors which I am very happy about. Apart from a cutscene I've finished the 7th map as well as did some testing in the previous maps to prevent bugs/glitches.

11.03 Update:

The project's progression slowed down for the last couple of months, I have only done 3 maps since the last update on the story. I've posted a few images of them. Sorry for not updating this one for a long time, I did not want to do any updates until I have something new to show. Motivation is back in its place though, so if everything goes well the CS should get updates regularly from now on.

11.12 Update:

Hi everyone, it has been more than a week since the last update on the mod, in the meantime I finished only one more map, as I had to study a lot in the past week. I also had to extent the story by one more level in order to make it a bit more realistic, I do not want to spoil it why. There are only a few maps left of the whole mod, there will be a total of 20 maps, and I have done 13, so the map progression is getting into its late stages which I am very excited about! Currently there is nothing which I see as a problem in the mod that would make its progression hard, everything goes well so far. :)

I have also made some of the images brighter, as well as replaced the picture of the title screen.


when will you release the file, or you already released it and if so, can you post the link?

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