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Many new inclusions and refinements this week, mostly around combat and NPC combat AI.

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Many new inclusions and refinements this week, mostly around combat and NPC combat AI. I started porting across some of the 2D weapons and testing them, and I have a bunch of weapon and armour sprites ready for conversion to voxel models.

Additionally, a lot of work has been done on NPC combat AI and their interaction with items in the game (picking things up, equipping the best weapon). See below for a summary:

  • Considerable work done on the Fight class. NPCs now look for targets, fire and flee as expected. They stop firing when enemies go into cover. They should be looking around for weapons an whatever if they run out of ammo.
  • NPCs flagged as fighters will fight back after finding weapons
  • NPCs die properly
  • NPC weapons are dropped on death (you can click the corpse and loot it too!)
  • NPCs with no weapon already equipped will properly look in inventory, on ground for weapons/ammo etc
  • NPCs die properly
  • When NPCs die they drop their weapon on the ground
  • NPCs no longer try to take each others weapons and if they have the same pickup target they will do a check when they go to pick it up. If the item has since been taken by someone else they cancel the action.
  • Added Firebrand SMG
  • Altered Assault Rifle and Auto Shotgun models to make them larger and nicer
  • Re-added laser rifle!

Next on the work list is completing the conversion of item sprites to voxel models and then importing them. Following that I need to implement the cover system again, expand on the target finding logic and create and assimilate the Searching class. Searching is when an NPC had a target, knows that target is still alive and actively seeks them out around their last known position.

Here's a pic of the laser rifle in action!


Till next time...

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