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I have a video showing a successful 1st networking attempt plus images of base map with many new assets improving the design and look. Info on early access testing.

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I have been busy getting networking for Phoenix USC off the ground. Above is a short video illustrating this early 1st attempt at multiplayer and networking. In the video above you can see me initialize and run both a server and a client. You can also get a glimpse of how ships move and glide in the base map.

I have also been adding new assets to the base within the map. Lots of new lighting FX, floor, wall, ship and other assets have been added to improve design and visual appeal. Looking pretty awesome if I do say so myself and ready for game play. Below I have included images of the updated base design and look.

Development is moving quickly and I am releasing early access demo's when appropriate. The next early access demo will be a network test of Phoenix USC leading to early game play soon. If you are interested in testing please visit our Discord Server for access. Things are about to get fun and online game play is within sight. :)

A lot of fun developing with Godot. Off to code. :D

g dot53

g dot54

g dot56

g dot57

g dot58

g dot59

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