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Post news RSS Hyphen news update - January 2014

A few updates - including an announcement for our upcoming Greenlight campaign and the Soundtrack now being available to buy.

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Hey everyone,

Apologies for the huge gap between this project update and the last. We won't make any excuses for it other than the fact we genuinely haven't really had anything interesting to say! Anyhow we wanted to at least say something so we just have a couple of updates for you:-

How is Hyphen coming along?

Hyphen is coming along nicely. At this moment in time we're finishing off and polishing the remaining levels and also adding a good layer of polish to the game in general. We also identified a few areas where we could improve the game's performance on slower machines and so we've been working on implementing those changes. We didn't expect this part of the process to take so long if we're honest, our original intention was to get the game out in September of 2013 but we've clearly missed that milestone. In a way we're glad we did. Don't get us wrong, we're not happy that we didn't hit our target but by not doing so we now have a much leaner, prettier and generally better game on our hands. I'm sure you'll agree the wait was worth it when we launch the game!


Yes, you read it right in the summary text - we're launching a Steam Greenlight campaign for Hyphen in the next few days! It may seem silly given that Valve have recently announced that they will be retiring Greenlight at some point. However we have paid for the membership and we will be using it! Besides - Valve retiring Greenlight could be tomorrow, or it could be in 11 months - who knows?

Anyway, we'd appreciate all the support we can get with regards to that, Hyphen being on Steam would be amazing. We'll be posting another update soon when the campaign goes live so please keep a look out for it :)

Soundtrack now available to buy

We're pleased to announce that Andrew Lloyd has made the Hyphen Soundtrack available to purchase on his website. For those of you that haven't already heard it we will sum it up in one word - AMAZING!

Check it out (and if you're feeling really generous buy it) on his site:- Andrewlloydgd.com

Obligatory eyecandy

Well we've bored you with words up to now so let's see if we can redeem ourselves with some pictures shall we?

Navigating through this room of spinning things is pretty tricky!

Uh oh, Arrow shooters and a mine? Good luck....

And finally, here's a short video clip of an in development (ie not yet finished so pretty basic at the moment) unlockable Mini Game that we've been working on. If you're good at Hyphen you'll be able to unlock this and a couple of other Mini Games as you progress!

Until next time - take care and keep your eyes and ears open for news of Hyphen's launch! If you're interested in Hyphen then please don't be afraid to add the project to your watch list - it would be really useful to us so we can gauge interest levels :)

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