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Updates and New Releases of the LateralGM IDE and a few changes to the whole ENIGMA project.

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Since its inception, major changes have been made. A new release of the IDE can be obtain from the repository and the installation scripts on the WIKI updated to accommodate these changes.

For Arch users, a new script has been made, with all the dependencies mentioned to get your setup up and running. Testing has been done on Linux distros such as Antergos and Mangero with great results.

Screenshot at 2019 05 08 04 49 3

Summary of Changes

1) New event selector based on a mock-up by Josh which is a critique of the GameMaker 5 event selector.
2) Fixed translations that already existed but where the keys have been renamed. Also provided new translations where possible using Google Translate.
3) Cleanup of the GMX writer including refactoring of group writing.
4) Memory leak fix in the GMX and GMK readers.
5) Fixed some inconsistent use of certain icons.
6) Fixed some action list behavior including exceptions around clipboard options and empty selection.
7) Fixed clipboard copying of actions using a deep copy addressing the linked actions issue.
8) Fixed resource name completions in the code editor.
9) Fixed default sprite transparency which addresses issues with loading GMX projects after GMK projects.
10) Improved external editor error handling with custom error messages directing users how to resolve desktop editing failures themselves.
11) Made it easier to import multiple sprite sheets to the same sprite by making the "Add Sprite-sheet Sub-images" button not clear the sprite's previous sub-frames first.

To read the entire article from the Forum's page, please follow the link: New LateralGM Stability releases

The new Event Selector is a welcome change to the IDE and one of its better features. No more do one need to move all over the screen to add. delete events. Everything is compact in one place where you edit/make changes to your objects.

LateralGM new event selector

To download the newest version of the IDE, you can go to this link: LateralGM V1.83

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